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Category: wiggly dessert
Price: 32p
Ingredients: glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, orange juice from concentrate, gelatine, citric acid, sodium citrates, flavouring, acetic acid, colouring

Jelly is the British version of Jello. It doesn’t seem to come in as many flavors, and according to my husband it is “probably sweeter than American Jello”. I shall soon find out. I think it may end up being about the same because I think my husband is just trying to wrap his mind around the American use of Jello in highly inappropriate salads. It is easier for him to accept these things if he thinks that Jello isn’t very sweet. The British haven’t wholeheartedly embraced gelatin desserts (or salads) the way Americans have. So I’m trying the British version just to see if maybe it is because they don’t really know how gelatin is supposed to go.

When I opened the box, already it is different from the American stuff. It is a big jiggly block of gelatin. Aside from that, the instructions for preparation are essentially the same. Dissolve the block in boiling water. Add cold water. Refrigerate until wiggly. I’m trying the tangerine flavor, and it smells similar to orange Jello, but not quite as strongly fruity.

In all fairness, I added in too much water, so it was kind of weak and overly wiggly. It was bland and not very fruity. And it tried to crawl off the plate and attack my husband. Also, the color was far too natural. It wasn’t the bright artificial colors I’ve come to know and love with Jello. For right now, I’m not going to give a full end review. I’m going to try another flavor and then come up with my final results. I don’t want to rate it as bland and horrible when it was probably bland due to my own errors in measurement.

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