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Category: dessert
Price: 2 for £1
Ingredients: glucose-fructose syrup, wheat flour, water, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, sugar, sorbitol, emulsifier, milk protein, dried whey, raising agent, salt, stabiliser, wheat starch, caramel color, dried whole egg, wheat protein, concentrated ginger extract, potassium sorbate, flavorings

I have no idea what the origin of this food is. The package just says, “Deliciously Moist Ginger Cake”. I think that more than actually being a new food, this might just be a different name for a food I already know, which is gingerbread.

It is a small loaf-shaped cake and it smells like a sweet spice cake. It comes in paper like a giant cupcake, which is okay because I like cupcakes. When I slice into it, the texture looks kind of like a quickbread. What I mean, is that it has a more firm muffin-like texture than a soft cake texture.

First I tried it plain, without any kind of topping. It was dry and dense, like a day-old muffin. It tasted very strongly of ginger and sugar. The flavor was good because I like ginger a lot, but it certainly wasn’t the “moist” that the package promised. The outside of it looked moist, but within lay a spit-absorbing dry sponge of a cake. It was still tasty, and I still would eat it. But it was not moist. So I decided to try that very British dessert topping, custard. With a thick layer of custard over the cake, it was really very good. It was moistened up and added a tiny bit of creaminess. So if you want to try Jamaica cake, make sure to have some custard or whipped cream or ice cream, and then it is fine. Without it, it is reminiscent of the Scotch dumpling that got stuck all over my teeth and sucked my mouth dry. I’d eat it and enjoy it again, but only with some kind of topping like custard or whipped cream.

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