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Category: condiment
Price: 69p
Ingredients: sugar, vegetable oil and partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, fat reduced cocoa powder, whey protein, dried skimmed milk, lactose, lecithin, flavourings

The first time I had chocolate spread on bread, it was Nutella, and it was in my French class in high school. But this is the cheaper kind. Nutella is a chocolate flavored hazelnut butter. This stuff is nut-free. It is eaten on bread like peanut butter. From what I understand, the French usually only eat this stuff as kids, but the British appreciate chocolate and sugar well into adulthood. At least my husband does.

It looks and smells a lot like chocolate frosting. So just like the¬†lemon curd, it is something I picture spread on a cake being eaten in a sandwich. It doesn’t spread quite as easily as peanut butter. It is also a bit thicker and firmer than I remember Nutella being. I feel very weird spreading chocolate frosting on bread.

It tastes okay. It isn’t quite as sugary and sweet as most frosting, but it is still quite sweet. I’m not used to this kind of sweetness on bread. It is a bit sickly sweet, but I think it would be fantastic in a chocolate spread and raspberry jam sandwich. A little fruit would cut the stickiness a bit. It would also be good as an emergency cake frosting. I don’t really see myself having this very often, just because it tastes unhealthy. Maybe as a late night snack (when you’re supposed to eat unhealthy) but not for breakfast. It’s too much like cracking open a can of fudge frosting on your morning toast. It’s just not right.

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