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Ingredients: potato, cabbage, brussel sprouts, vegetable oil, wheat flour, onion, skimmed milk powder, potato granules, emulsifier, stabiliser, preservative, salt, potato starch, pepper

I cannot explain the name Bubble and Squeak any more than I can explain why the British put hot dogs in cans. Maybe the potatoes are the bubble and the cabbage is the squeak. Maybe it was originally made from soap and mice. (The two most common theories I’ve heard is that the name refers to the sound it makes cooking in the pan, or that it is the sound your butt makes after you eat it.) This is a dish originally made from leftover mashed potatoes and vegetables from something like a big Sunday dinner. It is mashed potatoes mixed with cooked cabbage and onions and sometimes cheese or whatever else is around, formed into patties and pan-fried. The stuff I got was frozen in a bag. It was pre-fried and I just had to heat them in the oven.

They are small and cylindrical, about the size of a large slice of sushi. The outside is a lovely golden brown, and the inside is white with green flecks of cabbage. They smell like you’d expect potatoes and cabbage to smell. Which is, to me, not bad. I like cabbage and I like potatoes.

Bubble and squeak also tastes very much like you would expect mashed potatoes with cabbage to taste. The mashed potatoes were creamy and nice. The cabbage (and small amount of onions) added nice texture and flavor to a dish of what would have been just greasy lumps of mashed potato. And they were a tiny bit greasy. I think I would have preferred them if I had pan-fried them myself so that they’d have a bit more crispness to the outside. It is also possible that I simply didn’t bake them quite long enough. It certainly isn’t fancy food, but it is hearty and filling food. It would be a great accompaniment to some meatloaf or a nice glazed Spam.

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