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Europe is not only famous for the castles and churches, kings and queens, and the history but there are many other popular things of this beautiful continent that is worth a lot. There are plenty of tasty and interesting restaurants in Europe that serve several kinds of traditional foods with great taste.

You must be excited if you’re going to visit Europe for your vacation but have you thought that what dishes and foods are you going to try there? If you have not yet included it in your plan, then you must consider including it today because there are so many traditional foods available in the Europe that you’ll be confused to decide that what food you must try.

Today, we’re going to take a look at several food traditions and we’ll also let you know that what kind of food you must try there. Make sure you create a list of the traditional foods that you’re willing to try there otherwise, you’ll get confused about making a decision. Let’s take a look at some of the traditional European foods that you must try when visiting Europe.

Palacinky in the Czech Republic

Most of the people know the Czech Republic for the excellent range of pilsner beers that it serves but there is a wide range of Czech foods also available at different European restaurants, such as xlendi restaurant, that you can try to soak up all that alcohol.

Pancakes are very popular in Palancinky and Prague and you must try pancakes in both these areas as you’ll love this experience.

You’ll be amazed to see different styles and creativity they use to design and decorate the pancakes. The fruit jam filled in these crepe-like desserts makes them more delicious and tasty and they’re served rolled up. If you’re going to visit Prague, you must never forget to try these foods.

CurryWurst In Germany

There is a wide range of sausages in Germany but currywurst is considered to be the most popular fast food. Currywurst is available in two different versions. It depends on you that what version you want.

You can eat it with the skin of sausage or without it. In both the ways, the sausage is curry powder and ketchup sprinkled on top.

The pommes and cola make it more delicious. You can decide that what level of spice is suitable for you.

Bacon Butty sandwich in England

There are many things that you can try in the English breakfast including beans, ham, eggs, black pudding, and fried tomatoes but the best thing you can eat as a breakfast in England is Bacon Butty sandwich. The taste and the aroma of this greasy sandwich are amazing. You’ll love eating it every day.

Pizza in Italy

Italy is one of those countries that are famous for great cuisine. There are many other things that you can try in Italy but the Pizza and Pasta are amazing in Italy and you should definitely try the original taste there. You’ll realize that the pizza, served in your country as Italian Pizza, tastes completely different than the original one.