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As you look for the best costume to rock during the much waited Halloween, there is so much to choose from. For all our female foodies out there, there are guidelines that you should employ in order to come up with something that will create a great and creepy memory. Here are tips to help you, as a lady, acquire a scary costume for you and your girls.

Be unique

There is nothing as boring as common style. Some designs have been used for many years until they no longer scare, or are funny. If you want to make someone laugh or scare, avoid cliches like the plague and do your best to be original and creative. To achieve this, you do not have to shop for everything. You can buy a unique costume and then go ahead and give it a unique touch using material available at home. This way, you will achieve a level of uniqueness and will stand out from the rest.  Take a look at the image below for some cool foodie costumes we love.

Choosing the right store

While going through what the shops have to offer, try to go for the larger ones that have a wide variety of ideas. Doing your shopping in a small store limits what you have to choose from. Also, shop in stores that deal with both costumes and make up. If you don’t have a good store near you, you can get scary costumes for females on Freaked or something similar.  Remember that makeup has a major role towards creating that devilish look. This aspect of variety and centralization will enhance your chances of pulling out an extraordinarily spooky style.

Avoid last minute rush and decisions

If you are to come up with a great costume, you cannot afford to wait until the 30th. All the best, new and unique costumes will have run out of stock. This will limit and compromise your ideas (see the lame poptarts on the left). Get moving and complete your plans as early as 5 days to the D-day.

Try to use art

Theatrical makeup always creates better illusions than entirely pre-done costumes. You can get a lot of scary makeup and research on excellent ideas to pimp your costume. To achieve even more, merge different ideas and come up with a perfect and pristine idea.

Mix scary and sexy

The likes of Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner know best how to pull such outfits. As a woman, you can utilize those curves and come out both devilish and hot.

Mind the weather

Nature always has a way of disappointing us. Don’t be caught up in its net. Check the forecasts and observe the skies with much caution. You do not want to design costumes that might land your girls in the hospital bed with a cold.

There are so many ways you can come up with an extremely creepy costume at a reasonable and fair budget. The above tips can help you create something that will make people run for their lives. Also, ensure to uphold your style and the colors you like more as you can play with them better.