My name is Alana, and I live in Scotland. I'm an American, and I've heard all the cultural stereotypes about British food*, so I thought I would take the time to try a variety of British foods, drinks and dishes, and report on whether or not they really are all that bad.

BEFORE YOU EMAIL ME: 1) I know that these foods come from different regions of the UK, but my American friends won't know or care where they come from any more than my British friends know or care that Idaho and Ohio are 2 different places 1500 miles apart. 2) I don't care how much you love Marmite.

If you like the stuff here, you might also be interested in my book, An American Guide to Britishness. It is available for the Kindle , and also in paperback.

Some people have emailed me asking where they can buy some of this stuff in the US. If you're interested try my friends over at The British Food Depot. They have a lot of this stuff. For the fresh made stuff, you can find recipes all over the internet.

Reviews of British food from other web sites, by other authors. These are either stuff I haven't gotten around to, or stuff I'm just too scared to try:
In the US, a good place to buy British food and British Chocolate is The British Food Depot. Some items offered: Weetabix Cereal | Branston Pickle | Lemon Curd | Smarties | Spotted Dick | Irn Bru | Galaxy Chocolate

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* Some of my friends (you know who you are) have complained about my calling it all "British Food" because some of it is English, some Scottish and some Irish, and my Scottish friends don't like being identified as British. Guess what? Scotland is still on the island of Great Britain, so you are technically British. And I'm not going to call my site "The GirlAlive English, Scottish and Occasionally Irish Food Experience". Get over it.

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