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Category: snack cake
Price: £1.15 for pkg of 36
Ingredients: glucose-fructose syrup, plain chocolate, wheat flour, sugar, egg, sucrose syrup, dextrose, orange juice from concentrate, glycerol, pectin, citric acid, disodium diphosphate, sodium bicarbonate, flavoring, trisodium citrate, curcumin

Jaffa Cakes are snack cakes the size of cookies. It is a sponge cake with a dot of orange jelly stuff, coated with dark chocolate. I’m being careful not to call it a cookie because there was a legal battle regarding that not long ago. The British government wanted to tax them as chocolate cookies, but the company that makes the original Jaffa Cakes, McVitie’s, took them to court and proved that they are cake, not cookies, and therefore not subject to the chocolate cookie tax.

I normally would have bought the original traditional McVitie’s brand of Jaffa cakes for this review, but when I was at the store it was 88p for 12 McVitie’s jaffa cakes or £1.15 for 36 of the store brand. And since I have had the McVitie’s before and I know that they’re a little better than the store brand, but not vastly better, I went with the cheap ones. Because I’ve eaten Jaffa Cakes, so I know that more is better. They are, as expected, a bit of sponge cake with chocolate covering one side. They don’t have a strong odor,but just smell faintly of chocolate and cake.

The beauty of Jaffa Cakes is the orange bit in the middle. You see, the chocolate and the cake by themselves would be dry and dull. But when you reach the orange jelly stuff in the middle, it brightens the whole thing and makes the chocolate taste better and makes your mouth water, moistening the whole thing. But let me try a few more before I make my final decision. It seems best to bite into them, chocolate side down. Just a few more, and then I’ll make my final decision. Okay. So now I’ve decided that they are very good. Good enough to be worth looking for in the US. You can sometimes find them there. In fact, Jaffa cakes are one of the top things keeping me in the UK. Along with my husband and the fact that all my stuff is here. If they started selling Jaffa Cakes only in northern Finland, I’d be discussing a possible move. Oops. The first plastic tube of Jaffa Cakes seems to have disappeared. Good thing there are 2 more in the box.