Scotch Eggs

Category: snack/breakfast
Price: 73p for pkg of 2
Ingredients: egg, pork, rusks, pork fat, water, breadcrumbs, hydrogenated vegetable oil, potato starch, wheat flour, salt, stabilizer, spices, yeast extract, flavoring, egg albumin, wheat gluten

Scotch eggs are hard boiled eggs, covered in sausage meat, coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried. It is the quintessential unhealthy British food. Take a lump of cholesterol, cover it in pork fat, then deep fry it. The description alone is ammunition for those who say that all British food is bad for you. (Which is not true - just see some of the other entries on this site.)

I've been afraid of the infamous scotch eggs. I'm deeply afraid that I'll like them. They are very unhealthy and I'd hate to get addicted. They are golden brown, with a savory smell, like eggs and sausage. Overall, they look a bit like fried testicles, but I can get past that.

Now, the tasting. The breadcrumbs are nicely browned and toasty tasting. Served cold, as these normally are, there are no strong flavors jumping out at me. It is a pleasant mild flavor of hard boiled egg and a mildly spiced sausage, as is to be expected. It doesn't taste too thick or oily, but there is a definate greasy feeling on the lips after eating it. The sausage coating by itself is very tasty, but kind of squishy. The egg by itself, it pretty much a completely normal boiled egg.

So, my final verdict? It's pretty good. I have no problems with the flavor, but it isn't something I'd go out of my way for. I wouldn't turn them down if they were free, but I wouldn't buy them unless my husband requested them or something. I can't say it was bad. Just not the kind of thing I would ever crave.

Final verdict:

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