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Electric Smokers

Although meat smoking on an electric smoker utilizes a considerable amount of time, it still is a great option and is often loved by people. The delicious flavours imparted from the spices, and the meat is often top-notch and cooked to perfection. Even though electric smokers might not fall into the umbrella of the essential kitchen tools and equipment, they’re a must-have in every household, because the best electric smokers 2021 can elevate the dish for your tastebuds to remember forever.

This brings us to the debatable topic of the types of meat that best suits these kinds of electric smokers. If you’re sceptical or a novice with these tools, here is a list of the right types of meat to smoke in an electric smoker.

Pork Shoulder

Due to their balance between the amount of meat and fat in a single bite, pork shoulders are regarded as one of the best kinds of meat to smoke on an electric smoker. Smoking meat on electric smokers is a long and slow process, and hence the meat should be able to withstand long hours of cooking. It is essential to make sure that the meat is intact to the bone, to maintain its tenderness.

Venison Steak

Venison steak is lean meat and is also home to thousands of recipes and spices. Although all the recopies of this meat is unique in its own way, the Smokey flavour in the meat is the specialty of the dish. By simply rubbing the meat with some olive oil and rubbing some seasoning on it, it can provide a delicious smokey flavour.

Venison Steak

Pork Butt

Every part of the pork is delicious but requires a different kind of smokiness to it. The taste imparted from smoking pork’s butt is not the same as the ones imparted from their shoulders or ribs. A smokey pork butt is prepared by injecting apple juice and wrapping it with a foil. The procedure for smoking this part takes up to seven hours on the smoker. Once the meat settles, away from the smoker for a couple of minutes, it imparts the best taste to the meat.

Beef Brisket

Debatably, this is the most popular dish of all the smokers. Although the final smoked product does not look appetizing, the taste is out of the world. For the best brisket, the meat should comprise of the best balance between fat and juicy. When the fat on the meat is smoked, it directly seeps into the sink and produces a pleasant taste that also enhances the cooking process of the meat. A packer’s cut of the beef brisket is one of the best cut for the meat, which will produce a tender end product at the end.