Sticky: Weight loss devices that are worth using

People who are trying to lose the weight try to use every possible thing around them. They want to be fit but don’t know in which thing they should invest to keep their body smart. Here we are guiding you today about the gadgets.

What gadgets are available in the market which is worth investing and you can lose your weight through them.


This body analyzer is very helpful when it comes to analyzing your body weight, body mass, and other things. It will help you in keeping the check on your calories so you can aware how much you are consuming and how much you are losing.

It also helps in tracking your heart beat as soon as you keep your foot on it and your body data. It can also tell you about the room temperature and body temperature too. You can invest in this gadget to keep a check on the body.


This band looks fab when you wear it in your hand and you will love the appearance but you can also go for the other benefit as well. This band is going to help you in keeping the check on the heart rate as well.

With the help of this band, you can also keep the check on sleep and calorie data. The battery life of the band is durable and it can deliver caller ID notification as well. When you want all in one then you can go for the Fibit charge HR.


When you want to lose weight and you don’t want to go to the gym then you should choose kinetic training over everything. If you are fond of playing games and you want to lose weight in between that game then it’s possible now.

Choose kinetic training and you can lose the weight. You can choose a number of games like tennis, football, bowling or anything available on the CD. You are going to love how you can lose so many calories during the game.


Weight loss belt is quite effective when it comes to losing the weight. You just have to tie the belt on your belly and keep yourself busy in your work. This belt is going to shed your weight and you will be able to lose your weight in few days.

You can visibly see the difference in your weight but with the belt, you have to take control of your diet too. At the time of losing weight, you should keep a check on your calorie count.


With the help of weight loss tracker, you can keep the check on your body. It happens that sometimes you start eating a lot and you are unable to keep the check on your body.

Weight loss tracker will tell you how much calories you have burned and what is the current situation of your body? Weight loss tracker will help you in keeping your body in shape and fit.


Category: dessert
Price: 35p.
Ingredients: milk, skimmed milk, sugar, modified maize starch, flavoring, colors, stabiliser

If you’ve ever endured an episode of Teletubbies, you’ve probably seen the irritating bastards eat something called “tubby custard” which they always pronounce “tubby tustard” because they’re morons. (Not sensing any hostility or anything…) I tried my hardest to put that out of my mind when I tried British custard. Custard here is used primarily as a condiment for other desserts rather than eaten alone. In the US, custard is more often a baked custard, like a flan kind of thing. Here it is what Americans would classify as a “stirred custard” and it is served as a topping for steamed puddings or pies or whatever. Pretty much anywhere you would use whipped cream or ice cream.

Since custard is not frequently eaten on its own, I tried it alone, and on some spotted dick(pictured). It looked and smelled a lot like vanilla pudding. Which is okay, since I like vanilla pudding.

The custard was very similar in texture to vanilla pudding, but a bit lighter. It wasn’t as sweet and didn’t tend to coat the tongue like pudding. It was delicious. It was light and fresh tasting, both alone and as an accompaniment to a steamed pudding. It was like the texture of a light pudding with the flavor of vanilla whipped cream. I’ll definately be eating more custard in the future. Maybe if I eat enough of the real stuff, it will erase the association with the Teletubbies and their stupid “tustard”. I hate those fat idiotic bastards.

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Category: possibly meat-ish
Price: Purchased on sale, 2 for £2.
Ingredients: pork lung (33%), oatmeal, pork fat, pork liver (11%), water, pork rind, salt, onion, pork heart (1%), spices, rusk (wheatflour, salt, water), preservatives

Haggis is the national dish of Scotland, officially. (Unofficially, it’s tikka masala, but that’s a whole nother story.) As you can see by the ingredients, it is the guts of an animal (in this case pig, but often sheep or some other animal) mixed with oatmeal. The traditional haggis is stuffed into a sheep’s stomach and steamed. Ours had a plastic casing like a sausage, so that’s some consolation. It is heated (either by steaming or microwaving) and then served with mashed potatoes and mashed rutabagas (called “Swedes” over here). It can also be served on oatcakes as an appetizer. We had haggis today because it is Burns’ Night, a celebration of Robert Burns and some poem he wrote about haggis.

My husband cooked the haggis because a) he is Scottish and knows how to do that, and b) he is not afraid of our microwave, like I am. It smelled like a mix of sausage and liver. Kind of like the worst parts of my grandmother’s stuffing recipe. It looks completely indescribable. It’s dark brown, almost black, with little light flecks where the oatmeal is. Kind of like maybe some kind of wild rice and squid ink casserole. Or the poop of someone with advanced colon cancer.

I didn’t eat a whole big plate of it because I have done that before. The flavor isn’t too bad. It’s very much like sausage, but with more of a “liver and lung” flavor. There is usually a lot of black pepper in it to cover the organ meat smell. But it can’t cover the organ meat texture. The texture is what I really don’t enjoy. It’s a chewy oatmeal texture, but with organ meat. Kind of like dry chewy sausage. If I’m going to have to eat organ meat, I want to be able to wolf it down without tasting it, but with haggis, you can’t. You have to keep chewing and chewing to break down the oatmeal before you can swallow. And by that time the oatmeal has sucked all the fluid from your mouth. If you mush it together with the potatoes and rutabagas, it isn’t as bad. That’s how I choked down a whole big plate when I was dating my husband. Now that we’re married and I’m allowed to say that I don’t like haggis, for Burns’ Night I had 2 spoonfuls of haggis, then filled the rest of my plate with baked beans.

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Category: snack
Price: £1.05.
Ingredients: sugar, cocoa, cocoa butter, dried skimmed milk, butterfat, whey powder, vegetable fat, lactose, lecithin, sugar, wheat flour, modified starch, colours, glazing agents, flavouring

Smarties® are a registered trademark of the Nestle company. They were introduced in 1937, and they are very similar to M&M;’s in that they are a chocolate center with a hard candy shell. They are extremely popular and it is estimated that 17,000 are eaten every minute in the UK. I’ve known British people who go on and on about how much better they are than M&M;’s. I love most British chocolate, so let’s see how these are.

They are slightly larger than M&M;’s, but pretty much the same shape. The colors are lighter and more pastel, so they remind me of Easter M&M;’s. They smell very much like M&M;’s.

Now, the taste. They taste pretty good, but sweeter than I prefer. The milk chocolate center is really sweet. It’s good, but I wish there was more chocolate in proportion to the amount of candy shell. The shell is hard and thick with a slightly chalky flavor. I have to say that I like M&M;’s better. In fact, I would avoid Smarties simply because they remind me just enough of M&M;’s to make me hungry for M&M;’s, but they aren’t enough like them to satisfy that hunger. If I didn’t end up automatically comparing them to M&M;’s, I’d like them. But they really just remind me that I miss M&M;’s.

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Lemon Curd

Category: condiment?
Price: 51p.
Ingredients: glucose-fructose syrup, water, sugar, margarine, modified maize starch, whole dried egg, pectin, citric acid, lemon oil, acetic acid, acidity regulator, colour

Lemon curd is available in the US, but isn’t widely eaten in the ways that it is in the UK. It is used mostly as a filling for cakes in the US, but here it is eaten in cakes or also eaten on bread or toast, like you would use jam or jelly. I never had lemon curd in the US, so I don’t know if the stuff there is exactly the same, but I think it’s close. (I have a cookbook here that has a recipe for “Yorkshire Curd Tart” but my dyslexia always reads it as “Yorkshire Turd Cart”. Because of that, I frequently refer to this stuff as Lemon Turd.)

It is a pale yellow color and smells lemony. It is smooth and easily spreadable. It looks like something that would be lovely in the middle of a white cake. But to me, it doesn’t look like something that should go in a sandwich. But here goes anyway.

It’s actually pretty good on bread. It is extremely sweet and sugary, but not much worse than most jams or jellies. The texture is nice and smooth and it has just enough lemony flavor to make it really good. It’s not too sweet to the point of being sickly sweet. The acidic lemon flavor makes it quite nice. (In fact, after the official test tasting, I had lemon curd on toast for breakfast several times.)

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Digestive Biscuits

Ingredients: Wheat flour, vegetable oil, wholemeal, sugar, cultured skim milk, partially inverted sugar syrup, sodium bicarbonate, tartaric acid, malic acid, salt.

These are biscuits in the British “cookie” sense, not the American “bread-thing” sense. They don’t have graham crackers in the UK. They pretty much don’t even know what they are. In things that have graham cracker crusts, they use digestive biscuits instead. They have some things in common with graham crackers, but there are a lot of differences.

In contents, these are probably kind of similar to graham crackers, in that they are not excessively sweet and are made of whole grains. They kind of straddle a line between crackers and cookies, but I personally would rather not eat mine with a big slab of cheese. Although some chocolate spread wouldn’t be completely wrong.

Now the tasting. They aren’t dense and crunchy like a graham cracker. They’re more crisp and flaky like a good sugar cookie. The flavor is light and only slightly sweet, with a tiny bit of a buttery finish, even though they contain no butter. They’re extremely versitile in their relative blandness, making them a tasty partner for custard or ice cream. I’d even be willing to try some makeshift Smores with them.

Here, digestive biscuits are often eaten with tea. So I’ll try dunking one in tea, against my better judgement. (It isn’t a flavor thing. I just don’t like crumbly bits of cookie in the bottom of my tea cup.) It’s not bad. It doesn’t effect the flavor of the tea or the cookie that much, and doesn’t immediately crumble to the bottom of the cup. But it does moisten an otherwise fairly dry cookie. It probably would do okay in coffee or hot chocolate too.

Overall, I like digestive biscuits. They don’t have all the great kindergarten snack time associations for me that graham crackers have, but they are a tasty light snack with a cup of tea. Last night I had some dipped in vanilla yogurt. They were tasty and not too unhealthy.

Note: You can also get these with one side coated in chocolate, either dark or milk. They are also fabulous. My friends at English Tea Store stock plain and chocolate ones.

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Pork Pies

Pork pies seem to be a very English thing that the Scots enjoy once in a while. (One web site I found said that the original pork pie recipe came from France, but I don’t know if that’s true. Even if it is, the English will deny it, I’m sure.) The ones I bought are Melton Mowbray pork pies, which my husband said are the best. Looking it up online, I found out that the difference is that Melton Mowbray pies are made of regular pork, while plain pork pies are generally made from cured pork products like bacon and ham. I’ve eaten plain pork pies at a few office parties, so we’ll see if there is a difference.

The pie itself is a short cylindrical pastry, much like the usual American pie pastry, folded around pork and, apparently, pork jelly, which is the natural gelatine that comes out of the pork (much like the jelly stuff around Spam). It can be baked as a big full-sized pie to cut into slices and serve, but more usually it is baked in little individual mini-pies. I’m eating them cold (which is the usual way), so there isn’t a strong smell at all. It smells of pastry and pork. As I’d expect.

My husband insisted that I try it with Branston Pickle, but I also tried a little bit plain. When you slice into the pie, the meat stays packed tightly together inside, in a way that I have to admit, is incredibly appealing. It’s all smooth and pink inside the crumbly pastry. It has a texture much like a good sausage, but not the British sausages with breadcrumbs inside. More like a German or American sausage. Very dense and meaty. There isn’t as strong of a flavor as I remembered from the ones I’ve had in the office. I’m guessing that it’s because these are the more delicate and fresh Melton Mowbray pies, without cured meat. The cured meat ones are saltier and a little spicier. I like them, but I think I do prefer the freshness of the Melton Mowbray pies. Also, my husband was right that they are excellent with a little Branston Pickle. I would definitely eat pork pies again, but hopefully not too often, as they aren’t particularly healthy.

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