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Category: dessert
Price: 35p.
Ingredients: milk, skimmed milk, sugar, modified maize starch, flavoring, colors, stabiliser

If you’ve ever endured an episode of Teletubbies, you’ve probably seen the irritating bastards eat something called “tubby custard” which they always pronounce “tubby tustard” because they’re morons. (Not sensing any hostility or anything…) I tried my hardest to put that out of my mind when I tried British custard. Custard here is used primarily as a condiment for other desserts rather than eaten alone. In the US, custard is more often a baked custard, like a flan kind of thing. Here it is what Americans would classify as a “stirred custard” and it is served as a topping for steamed puddings or pies or whatever. Pretty much anywhere you would use whipped cream or ice cream.

Since custard is not frequently eaten on its own, I tried it alone, and on some spotted dick(pictured). It looked and smelled a lot like vanilla pudding. Which is okay, since I like vanilla pudding.

The custard was very similar in texture to vanilla pudding, but a bit lighter. It wasn’t as sweet and didn’t tend to coat the tongue like pudding. It was delicious. It was light and fresh tasting, both alone and as an accompaniment to a steamed pudding. It was like the texture of a light pudding with the flavor of vanilla whipped cream. I’ll definately be eating more custard in the future. Maybe if I eat enough of the real stuff, it will erase the association with the Teletubbies and their stupid “tustard”. I hate those fat idiotic bastards.

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